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ACTA - email the INTA Committee!

The next committee vote on ACTA is said to be on the 21st. This committee as far as I know will then write a recommendation on what to do with ACTA for the full vote in July. ACTA has been rejected by four other committees. This one - the International Trade Committee - is important.

Go here: This has website has a link to the list of the delegates that will be voting on ACTA - email them and let them know we want them to reject it!

There are sample letters for both European citizens and non European citizens. No matter where you live, you can make your voice heard. I typed up my own and sent it to them.

The usual lobbying suspects are apparently still pressing them to pass it - there's even a rumor now that they may try to have a secret ballot when they officially vote on it in July. See Techdirt. for more.....
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