Kay (iron_kat) wrote,

OMG - posters.........

Spent the afternoon going through my many, many posters. OMG, I'd forgotten I had so many.

I've always loved posters, but I have a lot I don't have displayed due to not having enough frames (and room). I have movie posters and television show posters. Hell, I have two banners right now too that I love to death, but with my furniture here there's no room to properly display them. They need almost a full wall. One's a Rorschach and the other is a Red Mist.

I tend to alternate posters every once and a while, but I still have too many. That's in spite of having to throw a few away due to water damage (GRRRR).

This summer maybe I'll take pics. It's crazy. Right now I have up on the walls - a 1968 pull out newspaper poster of Dark Shadows' Barnabas Collins, a Watchmen group poster, Kick-Ass RedMist promotional poster signed by CMP, another Red Mist w/ the Mist Mobile, Hit Girl, X-Men: First Class Erik/Magneto, OUAT Regina, OUAT Rumplestiltskin, a HP Half Blood Prince Snape, and a Men in Black 1st movie poster. Oh, and a smaller DuckTales poster from back around the time the show was on - hey, it was one of my first loves! It was an amazing find, in perfect shape).

I have like, 3 other Watchmen posters, a 2nd First Class poster, a Star Trek (2009 movie), and a Disney Afternoon poster (featuring DuckTales, Darkwing Duck, Rescue Rangers, and Talespin).....I want to hang them all, but there's no way. My rooms just aren't that big. :(
Tags: dark shadows, disney, fandom, harry potter, men in black, movies, once upon a time, posters, star trek, tv shows, watchmen, x-men
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